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October 2018

New policy 17/10/LJ











Equality Impact Assessment

This document has been reviewed and no detriment was identified.  This policy applies to all regardless of protected characteristic – age, sex, disability, gender-re-assignment, race, religion/belief, sexual orientation, marriage/civil partnership and pregnancy and maternity.

Dissemination and Access

This document can only be considered valid within the confines of HDIBC premises.  It will be held in the office within the clubs policy folder and electronically on club secretary’s scure Drop Box storage medium.



This document will be reviewed within three years of issue, or sooner in light of new evidence.



HDBIC will ensure that there is made, adequate First Aid provision for their members health, safety and welfare. 

The aim of First Aid is to reduce the effects of injury or illness suffered at the Club and therefore first aid provision must be adequate and appropriate to ensure that immediate assistance is given to causalities with both common injuries or illness and those likely to arise from specific hazards within the club and to summon an ambulance or other professional help ie a Medical Practitioner.


2.  SCOPE 

The policy applies to all members of the HDIBC, visitors and contractors employed by HDIBC regardless of the cause.



The purpose of first aid training is to train people to deal safely and effectively with injuries or illnesses which happen at work. 

Health and Safety Executive provides guidance on the first-aid web pages for employers to assist them in selecting a competent first aid training provider.


When selecting first aiders it is essential that only people who are reliable and likely to remain calm in an emergency be considered.  There should be a commitment to undertake follow-up training as required.


The first aider should have the aptitude and ability to cope with a course of study and be able to use the knowledge and skills learnt on the course.  The duties can be physically demanding and first aiders should be free of any condition, which would affect their capability.  It is also important that the first aider is able to leave whatever they are doing immediately and go rapidly to the scene of an emergency.


Those members who wish to be designated must have attended a First Aid at Work course and obtain an approved certificate before practising as a First Aider.




First aid certificates are only valid for three years and first aiders then need to attend refresher training with re-testing of competence before the certificate expires.  First aiders can attend a refresher course up to three months before the expiry date of their certificate.  The new certificate will then take effect from the date of expiry.


The Senior First Aider will remind members when their refresher training is due. However it is the responsibility of the member to ensure they attend training.


In addition to the three year training a once yearly short update for those who hold a First Aid at Work Certificate will be held at the club to ensure those members maintain competency and be effective should they attend an incident within the club.



The First Aider can assess and treat minor injuries in the club until such time, if appropriate, that the injured member/visitor/contractor can be seen by their General Practitioner or the Paramedic team.  They must be able to provide resuscitation should the need arise until Paramedic help arrives.


The First Aider will have responsibility for the completion of an Incident Form and  for the entry made in the First Aid Folder for those incidents treated by the First Aider.




It is the responsibility of HIBC to ensure they have first aid box which is easily accessible and clearly sited within the club.  Location of First Aid Box is in the Office on a Shelf in the office.  The First Aid/Incident Folder is stored next to the box on the same shelf. A red first aid pouch with Blue Plasters is kept in a draw in the Kitchen.


There is no mandatory list of items to put in a firs-aid box.  Each box should be equipped with suitable and sufficient quantities of First Aid supplies to meet the needs of the department.  A list of contents is attached to the First Aid Box.  This box will be checked monthly by a First Aider.  See check list Appendi 1.


On initial qualification the First Aider is sent a certificate.  A record of all First Aiders training will be kept by the Senior First Aider and uploaded onto the club secretary’s secure Drop Box storage medium.


A leaftet published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) “Basic Advice on First Aid at Word” can be downloaded  free from http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/firindex.htm. A copy of this leaflet will be attached to this policy and displayed within the Club. A First Aid handbook is issued on the course.




HIBC Approved first aiders are volunteers. The club aims to ensure that it has 12 members trained to be first aiders. All members have access to the club at any time, therefore it must be stressed that no guarantee can be made that there will be a first aider present in the club at any given time.  Any activity undertaken is at the members own risk.


The First Aider will be available to give first aid to all when he/she is present in the club.  The First Aider – who acts in good faith and within the scope of the expertise which has been gained by training – will, when giving first aid treatment, have the full support of HDIBC should the treatment given lead to subsequent criticism or prove detrimental to the individual receiving the first aid treatment.


HDIBC is of the opinion that “acting reasonably” and “in good faith” is interpreted in terms of good first aid standards and in the light of all prevailing circumstances.




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