Waldegrave Park, Aldwickbury Crescent, Harpenden AL5 5SA

Frequently Asked Questions
Thank you for looking at these FAQ. We have tried to be as thorough as possible, but there will undoubtedly be items that are missed.  Please bear in mind that you have joined a very friendly club.  Any member will be happy to answer your questions - no matter how many times you may have to ask it!  If you prefer, email your questions and we can always add our response to you to these FAQ.
Rather than a strict FAQ the information is arranged under a series of headings arranged alphabetically:


Access to Club – This is by way of a key fob which is allocated to you on joining the Club.  Touch the fob on the reader on the outside wall by the door and the door will unlock. To exit the Club press the green button at the side of the door and it will unlock. In the event of you losing the fob or not requiring it anymore the please advise the Membership secretary. In the event of not having a key fob, to gain access, please press the doorbell.

Bar - We operate a self manned bar where any member can serve themselves or their guests.  All the prices are clearly shown on a wall chart and the drinks inventory is kept in the storage room adjacent to the bar.  Please keep the bar area clean and collect your used glasses and turn them upside down into one of the dishwasher baskets kept around the sink.  With the exception of lemonade bottles, all glass bottles and cans are recycled in the boxes provided. Lemonade bottles are refundable and are to be returned to the storage room. In addition, there is a limited-stock honour bar on the concourse.

Club Information
Club information is distributed in several ways:
 Drop boxes (pigeon holes) 
 Fixtures lists
 On one of several notice boards 
 Web site
Unfortunately there is no consistency.  The only way to make sure is to check each place – but what follows is a brief description of what experience has shown.


There is a regular distribution of emails to keep members informed of things happening in the Club. Also various organisers will contact specific groups of people with specific information. Members email addresses are held in a folder in the office.

Drop Boxes (Pigeon Holes)
Located in the office, these are grouped alphabetically.  All information was traditionally distributed this way and still much of it still is - particularly fixture books, receipts where appropriate and player lists’. Please check these regularly to see if there is anything for you.
Fixture Lists
These will be distributed at the start of the season(s) and there is generally some spares on the concourse. There is also a copy on the website

Notice Boards:

Notice boards are littered around the club and all have a separate and it appears ever changing priority.  If you want to stay up to date the best advice is frequently to wander around these noticeboards.  Some information is only displayed here and often you need to commit yourself to functions by putting your name/s on the sheets specifically for that purpose.  It is your only opportunity to sign up to the many activities that are the life blood of the club.
Social Board: 
If you check no other board each time you visit the club, this one should be.  Situated just inside the main door, it shows the social activity of the club. Here you sign up to participate in the many events which the club puts on throughout the season.  As a matter of course even if you have put your name down for inclusion in a certain competition, you should make sure that if there is a social event associated with it you also enter your name on the social list.  Better safe than sorry,

White Board:

Situated just inside the main door to the right and is used to keep members informed on current activities.

Committee Board: 
Situated just inside the main door. This is where official notices are displayed, these include official letters and notices received by the club and letters of thanks.
Match List Boards:  The sign up forms can be found on the large board between the office and the bar.  They contain the lists for the club matches against other clubs, members are invited to fill in to indicate their availability to represent the club in these matches.  They are the life of the club and the way for everyone to gain match experience.  New and experienced bowlers are needed for these games.  Club captains will then make their selections and the teams are posted on the boards in the changing rooms.  It is important that if selected you tick your name so that the Club captains know that you are aware of your selection.

Leagues and Competition Boards: 
These are to be found on the concourse and display league details of teams and positions and draws for each of the internal club competitions. 

Ladies Board:

Situated at the side of rink1 and contains details of all ladies only matches and activities.

Bowls for sale/Club Shirts Board:

Situated on the concourse and contains just that.

Coach’s Board:  situated on the concourse, this board has coaching information and will detail a list of coaches and how to contact them.

Summer and New Bowlers Board:

Details of summer bowling and New Bowlers leagues and competitions.

District and County Boards:

Situated in each changing room showing District and County information and matches.

Provides an easy to follow snapshot of the workings of the club detailing under:
 Who we are:  basic information about the club and where to find us.
 Officers: a current list  of the officers of the club.
 Fixtures: all the year’s club inter-club matches.

 Opening and session times.
 For Members: Many items of interest
 Social: all the club social activities.
 Honours: lists of all the club champions and details of club trophies.
 Contact: ways for non-members to contact the club.
At most of the many social events held at the club there is a brief business section where club information is disseminated

Club Office
If you use the phone for outgoing calls please make sure that you leave the fee (10p at the time of writing) in the tin provided.  In the lower drawer of the desk are the scorecards with more on the concourse. 

There are many competitions and matches and the default position is to enter them all.  It is a great way of meeting members of the club and gaining experience in a non-threatening environment.  Nobody minds how hopeless you are (or to be more accurate how hopeless you feel you are).  Experienced players will always take time to encourage the less experienced to understand the niceties of the game. Details of the competitions and leagues are shown separately.

In general the rink fees are charged at £1 per hour. Specifically:

Lunchtime and early evening sessions - £2

Day leagues and rollups - £3 to include tea and biscuits

Evening leagues - £3.50

Match fees and Ladies Monday afternoon session - £4

Catering – For matches and special occasions catering is separately organised.

When asked to cater for the morning leagues the procedure is:

1.  Check if the lounge is warm enough; if it is cold switch on the wall heaters by pressing the hour select button on each of them until the one or two hours lights go on.

2.  Collect the rink fees from each rink (£3 per person), enter the total in one of the duplicate books in the office, tear off the top copy and put it together with the money in a plastic moneybag and put in the safe on wall in office.

3.  In the kitchen mugs, coffee, tea, sugar and biscuits will all be found in the top cupboards and milk in the fridge. Hot drinking water can be obtained either by boiling the kettles or from the boiler over the sink. Note that the boiler has to be switched on for about an hour before it reaches temperature.

4.  Prepare to serve for 10.15 am.

5.  Afterwards wash everything up either by hand or there is a dishwasher in the kitchen and instructions are on the top.

6.  Please leave the kitchen clean.


Dress Code:

i MEN -Mid grey trousers; white above the waist, or for roll ups, practices and league games, the club’s coloured polo shirt.

For inter-club matches, the HIBC team shirt (or white shirt & club tie). For national and county matches, the HIBC team shirt.

ii) LADIES- Regulation grey skirt/ cut-offs/ trousers or sports trousers.

White above the waist or, for roll ups, practices and league games, the club’s coloured polo shirt.

For inter-club matches, the HIBC team shirt (or white shirt) with official club wine waistcoat / cardigan.

For national and county matches, the HIBC team shirt with official club wine waistcoat/cardigan.



The Club runs a number of Leagues throughout the year, both summer and winter. This gives a chance to all members to take part in competitive bowling at Club level. There is scope within the system to accommodate bowlers of all abilities and at the beginning of each season members who are not already in teams are in much demand. For those Leagues that are shown as 'drawn', there are lists on the notice boards at appropriate times and the teams are literally 'drawn from a hat'. See separate sheet for details of leagues and competitions.



Lockers are available in both changing rooms and there is an annual rental of £5. To obtain or give up a locker please contact the Membership Secretary

Match Ready Reckoner
These are the general rules for playing the different games, some variations exist but they are clearly spelt out when the competition is listed e.g. 2 wood singles

Singles: first to 21 points; 4 woods each person; needs a marker (3rd party, to keep score and set the jack)
Pairs:     two per side; 21 ends; 4 woods each person
Triples:  three per side; 18 ends; 3 woods per person
Rinks:     four per side; 21 ends; 2 woods per person


Membership list:

There is a current list of members kept in the office on the shelf above the desk which contains name, phone number and email address.



Minutes for Council meetings for the last three years are kept in a file on the shelf above the desk in the office.


Rink Book
Located in the office, the rink book will show the rinks that are in use and the competitions being played.  If you are responsible for arranging a match then you will need to check availability in the rink book for the sessions you wish to offer, having agreed the date and session for your game you need to enter the names of the participants and the competition in the rink book.

This is where you just turn up at the Club for a ‘rollup’ session and you are guaranteed a game with other members. There is however a 32 limit (rink capacity). When you attend a rollup the first thing to do is to obtain a number – these red numbers are located at the side of the cold water fountain on the concourse and take the NEXT available number. Just before play is due to start normally a longer serving member will determine what size the teams will be and place appropriate brass discs (located in the office) into a bowl (blank side up). Each player then selects a disc which will show which rink they are playing on and the team they are playing in e.g. 2D means playing on rink 2 in team D. The team itself decides the order in which you play. The session ends when the bell goes.



The Club operates a no smoking policy throughout the building at all times.